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high pressure cleaning machine in automobile industry line

Date:(2018-12-20)   Clicks:578

high pressure cleaning machine in automobile  industry line
item unit parameter
type HF-HD 320/220 V1
interface(for clamping ) piece 4、2、1
washing and  cleaning space dimention (length×width×high) mm 810×710×694
load and  unload window dimention(width×high) mm 500×500
wangshing cleaning working dimention (length×width×high) mm 320×320×220
operator panel SIMATIC HMI  700 IE
display TFT 7" dispay
control system SIMATIC S7-200 SMART
washaing and cleaning pressure bar 10-120
presure in grogram bar 0.5
load and unload function manual or and robot
wanshing and cleaning function manual or and robot
opertating mode in automobile line or separately
temperature of washing and cleaning materiel 70
jet number piece 3--9
washing and cleaning time setting min 0-999
blowing time setting min 0-999
drying time setting min 0-999
washing and cleaning 、blowing、drying time in program min unit second 1
washing and cleaning 、drying swinging range ° 20°-160°
filer materiel μm 10
filter step grade 4
drying power kw 3
heating power kw 15
washing and claning power kw 5.5/11(according tocustomer)
wanshing and cleaning tank L 300
pressure MPa 0.4-1.2
voltage V 380
frequency Hz 50
supply power kw 25-32
dimention (length×width×high) mm 2020×1420×1990
weight kg 996
1.washing and cleaning 、blowing、drying in one unite compact design;
2.can be used in automobile line or in separately;
3.quick change clamping device ,inter face and automotion door;
4.ashing and cleaning 、blowing、drying in program。

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